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Creative Soap Design by Hand


Welcome To Mayonis
Art & Craft Studio

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We love everything about natural include natural handmade soap. By using natural soap, we are sending organic products down the drain instead. These have a less harmful effect on environmental and human health. As a soap maker, we tailor made the soap for you. We offer customise handmade soap to retail, residential, wedding as well as corporate events.

Art & Craft Studio

Mayonis, yea, that’s me. I love getting my hands on art and craft, those handmade stuff. Enjoy spending time on DIY and personalise craft and things.

Mayonis is also my brand, offering handmade art and crafts. For now, our main product is handmade soap. Why handmade soap? Because it is friendly to our body, and the environment. When making handmade soap, we get to control the ingredients, allow us to refrain from using artificial ingredients found in most manufactured soap. Artificial ingredients could be allergen to human body, and also pollutant to the environment. Isn’t it a good idea that we can use handmade soap that is friendly to us and to the Mother Earth? Let’s love the natural, save mother earth, and enjoy the clean environment.

Sharing is caring. I had my first touch with handmade soap on year 2018 during a working break. I attended a cold processed soap making class with teacher Anney. I found my own handmade soap is good for my sensitive skin. I was sharing the soap I made with my family and friends, they love it. That inspired me to start my online shop, offering handmade soap so more people can enjoy the benefit of handmade soap. We want to produce quality handmade soap with natural ingredients.

Mayonis, a simple brand for art and craft studio dedicated to contribute handmade and sincere crafts.