1. Ingredients
    Mayonis handmade soap is made with 100% natural ingredients. No ingredients are added to ‘fill’ the soap.
  2. Glycerin
    Glycerin is a humectant,  a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into outer layer of our skin from deeper levels of our skin and the air. Glycerin can hydrate the outer layer of skin, improve skin barrier function, provide protection against skin irritants and accelerate wound-healing processes.
  3. pH
    The pH of Mayonis handmade soap naturally sits between 8 to 10. Not only does we don’t use a preservative, it also means that bacteria won’t grow on soap. The pH is just not conductive for their survival.
  4. Customize
    Mayonis handmade soap can be customize from choosing soaping oils and butters for your skin. In addition, you can further customize handmade soap bars with exfoliants, fragrance, color and more.
  5. Go Green with Handmade Soap
    Save the earth with at least reduce use of plastics. The plastic guilt kicks in every time you throw away yet another shower gel bottle. Not only you get an amazing bar of soap, you get to alleviate plastic guilt at the same time!
  6. Supporting Small Business
    When you support HANDMADE, you are not just supporting a person, a small business, a family; you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart.
  7. Vegan
    We don’t test our product on animals.
  8. FREE soap bag
    Complimentary a FREE soap bag for each handmade soap purchase at Mayonis.
  9. It Cleans and Safe
    Mayonis handmade soap cleans well in a natural way. We are passionate soap makers who use different combinations of oils for beautiful, safe, functional and natural soap.
  10. Every Day Luxury
    Enjoy a little quiet time after a stress work at home. Chill and relax with your favourite fragrance. Having a little handmade bar of soap magic in the bathroom will make you feel like you are pampering yourself everyday!

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